Chelsia Van Hierden is a storyteller. She aims to tell stories that no one else is telling– stories rich with triumph and tragedy, stories that recalibrate the human heart towards the good, the true, and the beautiful. By doing so, Chelsia strives to unveil the sublime amidst the simple and rebel against idle complacency by inspiring abstract ideas to become incarnate in virtuous action. Stories don’t make the world go around. Stories give the world a reason to go around.

Chelsia is also shamelessly a believer. As such, she believes in living inside-out: to die is to live, to find one’s self is to embrace metamorphosis, to be be a slave is to be free. Joy is longing. Past is present. Saints are sinners. Beauty can be broken. Truth is Beauty is Love is God. Understanding all these things is a lifelong journey, one in which she is in the midst.

In addition, Chelsia is a strong lover of ancient history, particularly that of the Second Temple period, and believes that connecting with the past gives meaning to both the present and the future. She has a near addiction to coffee, to high-action thriller, and to globetrotting. Of less significance, Chelsia has a B.A. in Politics and History from Regent University and intends to pursue both the scholastic and the literary life.

If you wish to send Chelsia a piece of your mind, feel free to use the contact form below. She typically responds to all emails within a week of emerging from her writing lair.