The Consolation of History

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“Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it,” the common adage goes, often brought up as a kind of vague and amusing consolation to history students who, as they inevitably must, begin to doubt the practicality of their chosen field of study. But reality is far more complex than the mere repetition of the past. Continue reading “The Consolation of History”

When I Say I Am a Feminist: A Clarification

Misconstruing the idea of feminism appears to be a pastime of choice for a disconcerting number people across the Western world. “Feminist” is treated like a dirty word and regarded with a level of suspicion, if not smug ridicule and derision. Unfortunately, much of this treatment arises from those on the political right, and, surprisingly often (in my own experience), men.

Continue reading “When I Say I Am a Feminist: A Clarification”

Hypocrisy and the Cultural Critic

At no point in human history have we devoured more and been less satiated. This may resound as little more than a pithy claim, or perhaps the brassy cry of an overzealous critic who, disenchanted by the present state of human affairs, possesses enough shameless hypocrisy to condemn the same culture in which she exists and partakes. Continue reading “Hypocrisy and the Cultural Critic”